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What is the average size menu card at a wedding?

The size of a wedding menu card can vary based on personal preference, design, and the overall style of your wedding. However, the most common and popular sizes for a wedding menu card are DL and A5. Some couples may opt for slightly larger or smaller sizes depending on factors like the number of courses, […]

How do I make a wedding dinner menu?

Creating a wedding dinner menu involves several steps to ensure it reflects your style, theme, and culinary choices. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a memorable wedding dinner menu: Determine Your Format and Style: Select the Courses: Curate the Menu: Write Descriptions: Accommodate Special Diets: Layout and Design: Include Beverage Options: Review and Proofread: Print […]

What do you put on a wedding menu card?

A wedding menu card typically includes information about the meal that will be served during the reception. Here’s what you might include on a wedding menu card: Title: Start with a fancy header or title that says “Wedding menu” to let people know what it is. Courses or Sections: List the various courses or sections […]

Why are wedding menu card important?

Wedding menu cards play a significant role in the overall experience of your guests, as well as the atmosphere of your reception. Here’s why wedding menu cards are important: Information: Wedding menu cards inform your guests about the meal they will be enjoying. They inform guests about what to expect and allow them to make […]

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