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What is the average size menu card at a wedding?

The size of a wedding menu card can vary based on personal preference, design, and the overall style of your wedding. However, the most common and popular sizes for a wedding menu card are DL and A5. Some couples may opt for slightly larger or smaller sizes depending on factors like the number of courses, […]

How do I make a wedding dinner menu?

Creating a wedding dinner menu involves several steps to ensure it reflects your style, theme, and culinary choices. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a memorable wedding dinner menu: Determine Your Format and Style: Select the Courses: Curate the Menu: Write Descriptions: Accommodate Special Diets: Layout and Design: Include Beverage Options: Review and Proofread: Print […]

What do you put on a wedding menu card?

A wedding menu card typically includes information about the meal that will be served during the reception. Here’s what you might include on a wedding menu card: Title: Start with a fancy header or title that says “Wedding menu” to let people know what it is. Courses or Sections: List the various courses or sections […]

Can I add a photo to my wedding welcome sign?

Yes, you can! Incorporating a photo into your wedding welcome sign is a wonderful way to add a personal touch. Simply provide us with the image you’d like to include, or use our design tool to personalize it yourself.

What care instructions should I follow for my wedding welcome sign?

Caring for our wedding welcome sign is easy. To keep the surface looking new, gently wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove any dust or smudges. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh cleaning agents, which may scratch the surface and reduce print quality. Maintaining the visual appeal of your wedding welcome sign is […]

How do I hang or display my wedding welcome sign?

Our wedding boards are lightweight, making them easy to hang or prop up. You can choose our self standing wedding welcome sign option, use double-sided tape, easels, or even attach a ribbon to hang it as a decorative piece. Nowadays, most wedding venues have stands for welcome signs.

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