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A wedding welcome sign is not necessary, but it can be a useful and thoughtful addition to your wedding decor. Here are some reasons why couples often choose to have a wedding welcome sign:

Guidance and Information:
A welcome sign informs your guests about the venue’s location, ceremony and reception times, and other important details. This can assist guests in navigating the event and knowing what to expect. 

Warmth and Hospitality:

A welcome sign sets the tone for your wedding by showing your guests that you value their presence and are excited to share this special day with them.


A welcome sign can be customized to match your wedding theme, colours, and overall aesthetic. It is an opportunity to add a personal touch and incorporate elements that reflect your personalities as a couple.

Photo Opportunity:
It’s evident from social media that the guests love taking pictures of and with the wedding welcome signs. It’s a part of the fun memories.

Event Coordination:

You can also put a schedule on the sign. This helps everyone know what’s happening and when.

Decor Element:

The overall mood and decor of your wedding can be improved by a well-designed welcome sign, which also raises the aesthetic appeal of the location.

Social Media Sharing:

Include your wedding hashtag on the welcome sign to encourage guests to post pictures and stories on social media.

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