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How does our bespoke wedding suite collection work?

Our wedding specialist Esmee handles all the bespoke wedding stationery designs and consultations to help guide you from start to finish for your special wedding day. Esmee has been a wedding specialist for over 4 years and knows all the tips, tricks and styles that come with designing and printing your bespoke wedding suite collection. So, you can be assured that you are in the best possible hands of an expert.

How to start the process?

We offer a complete done for you service that requires only a few steps from your side, so you can focus on arranging other part of your wedding. First we ask the couple or the client to fill out a simple form with a few questions and if required we will arrange a consultation via Zoom meeting or a phone call. Once this is done, Esmee and the team will go through and start to create your custom wedding invitations and stationery. Because of her expertise and experience in the wedding printing sector, she understands your requirements and gives you the fonts, colours, design, print techniques and paper types that are best suited for you and your wedding theme.

Bespoke wedding stationery

What is the design process?

Esmee and the team will then discuss a timeframe with you so that everything gets done within that time period. We will then work on your design and present you some of the options that she created for you. Based on your choice and feedback, we make some necessary changes and create a perfect wedding stationery suite for you. We will again email you the design, if you are happy with it, we then finalize the artwork, otherwise we’ll keep on working on it until you’re 100% happy and satisfied. 

Elegant weddings is all about being creative, so if you want your venue or photos to be digitally illustrated, and include that in your wedding invites, we can do it for you and make your invites to look beautiful and creative.

Bespoke Wedding Stationery 1

You can also choose if you want your guests names to be printed or foiled, if you want to add envelopes or return labels. You can add these little finishing on our website. 

Finally, we can dispatch and deliver your wedding suite collection to you.