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Can I personalize my wedding order of service on your website?

Creating your personalized wedding order of service with “Print my wedding invitations” is super easy:

Start by picking a design you like and choosing how many pages you want. You can change this later if you want. Your chosen wedding order of service template will open up in our easy-to-use online design tool. This is where the fun begins!

Once you’re in the design tool, you can add hymns, readings, and other special things for your upcoming ceremony.

Use all the cool features of our design tool. You can change the font style, make characters look fancy, use our wedding clip art, and more. You can even add your own icons and photos to make it personal.

Let your imagination go wild and make a wedding order of service that’s totally you!

Our online design tool is made to be really easy, but if you have any problems, we’re here to help. You can contact us via online chat or email.

What is the maximum number of pages allowed for the wedding order of service?

When it comes to your wedding program, you can choose as many pages as you want. At “Print my wedding invitations”, we offer wedding booklets with different amounts of pages, from 4 pages up to 20 pages.

Each side of the paper is considered a page, like when you draw on both sides of a piece of paper. Imagine you have a booklet. The first page is the cover, the second page is the inside of the cover, and so on until the very end. The last page is the back cover.

For a basic program, like a short and sweet one, you could go for the 4-page option. It’s like taking a big paper, folding it in half, and you get four parts to write on. But if your wedding has more things to talk about, like lots of readings or pictures, then you might want more pages. We have options like 8, 12, 16, and 20 pages.

These are like booklets that are stapled together along the spine, kind of like how a book is put together. This makes a nice keepsake for your guests to remember your special day. Just remember, the number of pages you choose has to be a multiple of 4, because that’s how we make them.

So, whether your wedding is short and simple or long and detailed, we have the right wedding order of service booklet for you!

What is the typical size of a wedding order of service?

The common size for a wedding program is A5. It’s about 6 inches wide and 8 inches tall (14.8 cm wide by 21 cm high).

People like this size for a few good reasons:

  • Easy to Read: A5 gives enough room for writing that’s easy to see and nice pictures.
  • Easy to Carry: Because it’s not too big, guests can carry it around easily and keep it as a memory.
  • Good for Printing: A5 is a regular size, so it’s not too expensive to print, and many places can do it.
  • Easy to Hand Out: A5 programs can be neatly stacked and given to people easily.

But you can be creative, and you can request any size.

What types of paper are available for the wedding order of service?

We have a variety of beautiful card choices available for wedding order of service printing. These options are designed to suit different preferences and styles.

We offer:
Our premium recycled uncoated card stock is a thick card stock that gives you a matte finish with a little texture and is perfect for a Natural feel for the wedding invitations. It’s the best for printing lots of text, making it an ideal choice for wedding orders of service.
Silk also known as Matt, is an all-rounder paper type with a little low surface shine and paper and ink contrast. Matt paper is easy to write on and great for people who are strict on budget.

Ivory/cream card stock refers to a type of thick, sturdy paper that is often used for printing wedding order of service. It gets its name from its colour, which resembles an off-white shade of ivory or cream.

How do you bind wedding order of services?

Wedding order of services more than 4 pages are bound using a method called saddle stitching. This involves neatly placing two staples through the folded spine of the pages. This binding technique ensures that the wedding program remains tidy, durable, and ready to be cherished as a keepsake of your special day.

How much do you charge to deliver a wedding order of service?

We provide a free delivery service all around the UK.

What is the timeframe for printing and delivering my wedding order of service?

Our standard turn around time is 4 days, so if you place the order on Monday before 5 p.m., you will receive it on Friday.We also provide a 1-day turnaround time, so if you place an order by 11 a.m. on Monday, you will receive it on Tuesday.



Can I include hymns, readings, and other things I like in my wedding order of service?

Definitely! You can easily make your wedding program special by adding your own choices. You can simply copy and paste your text into the text box in our design tool.

Can I include photos in my wedding order of service?

Of course! You have the option to add pictures to your wedding order of service. You can easily insert your favourite photos using our user-friendly design tool. Just like when you upload images on social media, you can upload your pictures from your computer or device. Simply select “Add photos” on the left-hand side of our design tool or drag and drop the photos. This way, you can personalize your order of service with meaningful visuals that capture the essence of your special day.

Can I get a proof before printing my wedding order of service?

Of course, before printing the wedding order of service, we will provide you with an online flip book version of your design as a proof.


What is the example of non-religious wedding order of service?

You can customize the order of service to your preferences and needs. For example, you could hold a unity ceremony that involves lighting a candle or planting a tree, or you could opt for a reading or musical performance that is particularly meaningful to you. Example of non-religious wedding order of service are:

  • Processional: The wedding party enters the ceremony location during a processional to music. The grooms men and bridesmaids are usually followed by the flower girl and ring bearer, the couple’s parents, then the bride and groom.
  • Welcome and introduction: The officiant greets and introduces the guests, providing a brief overview of the upcoming ceremony.
  • Opening remarks: The celebrant begins by making a brief speech about love, marriage, and the importance of the day.
  • Readings: Friends or family members exchange one or more readings. These can be poems, song lyrics, or pieces from literature chosen by the couple.
  • Vows: The couple exchanges personalized vows, pledging commitments and expressing their love for one another.
  • Ring exchange: As an expression of their commitment to one another, the couple exchanges their wedding bands.
  • Pronouncement of marriage: After the officiant declares the couple to be wed, they kiss for the first time as newly-weds.
  • Recessional: Following the processional, the wedding party leaves the ceremony location while music is playing.
  • Cocktail hour/reception: To congratulate the newly-weds, guests are invited to a cocktail hour or reception.

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