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What is a rustic wedding?

A rustic themed wedding is a popular choice for couples who want to create a natural, earthy, and classic look setting for their wedding. Natural materials such as wood, burlap, and twine, as well as wildflowers and foliage, are used in the decor for this theme. The ceremony can be held outside in natural settings or inside in rustic settings, and the reception includes rustic wooden tables, burlap table runners, and wildflower centrepieces. The attire is also in accordance with the theme, with the bride usually wearing a gown with lace or chiffon accents and the groom wearing a suit or tweed jacket.

Rustic wedding stationery can add a lovely and personal touch to a wedding, while also allowing in the creation of a calm and private ambiance for the event. Rustic wedding stationery can do the following things for a wedding:

Setting the tone and theme for the wedding:

Rustic wedding stationery may help create a coherent look and feel for the event by giving your guests a sense of the natural, earthy, and vintage-inspired style you are looking for.


Rustic wedding stationery usually features calligraphy and watercolour illustrations, which can offer a personal and handcrafted touch to the wedding.

Reflecting the couple’s love for nature and simplicity:

Rustic wedding stationery can reflect the couple’s appreciation of nature and simplicity, and might be well-suited for outdoor or barn weddings.

Creating a peaceful and intimate atmosphere for the wedding:

The natural materials used in rustic wedding stationery can serve to enhance the ambience and create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere for the wedding.

Making the wedding more memorable:

By adding distinctive and attractive features to the occasion, rustic wedding stationery can make the wedding more memorable.

What Colours go with a rustic wedding theme invitations?

Colours that work well with a rustic wedding theme include earthy tones like:

A rustic invites can be paired with warm colours such as oranges, yellows and reds as well as cool colours like blues and purples. The key is to choose colours that complement the natural setting and the overall aesthetic of the wedding.

Rustic welcome sign
Rustic welcome sign

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