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Most of our wedding invitations have been simplified to appeal to modern tastes. Especially, our selection of simple wedding invitation template has gone one step further to support you in creating a desired atmosphere on your wedding day. 

Select the ideal simple style and modify it to suit your preferences.  Our simple wedding invitation collection comes with matching save the date cards, RSVP cards, menu cards and every other stationery necessary for your big day. 

Why choose our simple wedding invitation template?

We specialize in providing simple wedding invitation template to couples seeking the sophisticated design of the twenty-first century. Our simple wedding invites are all quite distinct from one another, yet they are all stunning.

We are passionate about making sure you get the perfect, on-time wedding stationery to support the efficient preparation of your wedding. We work every day to make sure your wedding stationery is flawless and goes well with your wedding theme, because we understand that, it will be one of the most significant and unforgettable days of your life.

Your wedding invitations and stationery will seem effortlessly charming and refined when you choose clean, elegant and modern calligraphy-style fonts and our simple yet contemporary designs.

Even though you can get a lot of different designs from Canva, their designs are common and not unique, which also requires a lot of work. Also, the delivery takes too long and expensive with them but with elegant weddings, you always have someone to guide you through the entire process of designing and printing. We have free express delivery option and the entire process is easy and smooth.

Our simple wedding stationery:

Save the date card:

The sleek and simple design wonderfully complements save the date cards. When your guests first see that simple, stylish monogram, they will become more familiar with your “wedding brand.” The simple save the date cards is a safe option in case you decide to change your wedding theme later on.

Simple wedding invitation template (2023): 1

RSVP cards:

Using wedding RSVP cards, you can keep track of who has committed to your big day. Invitations with RSVP cards promote prompt responses from your guests. Any of our wedding stationery designs may be combined with simple RSVP cards. The simple RSVP cards goes really well with your wedding theme, whether it’s traditional, elegant, rustic, or modern.

Simple wedding invitation template (2023): 2

Simple wedding invitation cards:

It’s really easy for a couple to sometimes over design a wedding invitation. Therefore, to make things easier for the bride and groom to be, we offer our selection of simple wedding invitation template. We understand that some of you might prefer to simplify your personalized stationery. An organized, reasonable, and simple wedding invitation leaves a charming effect on your guests. We have put together a selection of simple wedding invitations that eliminate the unnecessary hassle from your wedding announcement card. Designs with pleasing colour schemes, simple geometric patterns, and high-quality printing are what we use to make the design look simple and gorgeous, which makes it ideal for the modern couple.

Simple wedding invitation template
Simple wedding invitation template

Simple wedding welcome sign:

Our beautiful selection of simple custom wedding signage gives your special day a distinctive flair. Edit your names, the location, and the day of your wedding on our simple customizable designs. 

Pairing the simple wedding welcome signs with some flower’s arrangement will look stunning at the front of your wedding venue.

Our simple wedding welcome signage go really well with other simple wedding invitation templates. 

Simple wedding invitation template (2023): 3

Simple table plans/ seating arrangements:

Table planning is crucial to prevent confusion over seating arrangements during the wedding. Table plans are the arranged seating arrangements that allow visitors to locate their names at a certain table.

To match the wedding’s theme, you can select from a variety of simple table plan styles from our selection.

All of our table plans are a part of our simple wedding invitation template set, which also includes wedding invitations, RSVP cards, save-the-date cards, table talkers, welcome signs, wedding order of service, and other stationery.

You can pair your simple seating arrangement boards with some flower arrangements.

Simple wedding invitation template (2023): 4

Simple wedding order of service:

Normally, when guests arrive at a wedding, they are given a printed copy of the order of service. It is a wedding ceremony/program booklet with a step-by-step schedule of what will happen on your wedding day. It contains all the details about the important day for the family and visitors, such as how long the ceremony will go, which hymns the guests can sing along to, thank you, and many more.

The most crucial aspect of your special day is the wedding ceremony. Whether your wedding is traditional and religious or modern and trendy, our wedding order of service’s simple style will make it go smoothly. Elegant Weddings provides you with simple wedding invitation template that allows you to personalize it with your details.

Simple wedding invitation template (2023): 5

Simple table numbers:

Wedding table numbers may seem like a little detail, but they have a significant impact on your big day. It will probably be the first thing your guests at the reception notice. Additionally, you may coordinate your wedding table numbers with the other simple wedding invitation template or the overall wedding theme.

With our simple and incredible table number designs, you may make the guests’ tables as appealing as possible. Using our design tool, you may change anything you want to suit your preference.

Simple wedding invitation template (2023): 6

Simple place name cards:

With the help of the distinctive place name cards that our expert designers created, you can easily welcome your visitors and direct them to their appropriate seats. Match your place cards to the wedding theme and other simple wedding invitation templates.

Our wedding name cards will give your table and event the ideal finishing touch with their sophisticated and simple appearance. They’re sure to finish off the decor and atmosphere for the event because they’re simple and sophisticated.

Explore our simple wedding invitation template to personalize the design and make your own place name cards. You may view all of our options at once or sort them by style, colour, and more. Once you’ve settled on a choice, make it uniquely yours by giving it all of your own touches. Simply make your purchase when you have finished designing, and we will take care of the rest.

Simple wedding invitation template (2023): 7

Simple wedding menu cards:

Wedding menu cards give every table a celebrational feel. By placing our simple wedding menu on the table, you can create a visual feast for your guests. Customize the breakfast, lunch, and dinner’s menu card by using our simple wedding invitation template. You can match the menu cards for the wedding with the place cards, table talkers, and table names and numbers.

All of our wedding menu printing is included in a bundle of wedding stationery items.

Simple wedding invitation template (2023): 8

Simple thank you cards:

Finish your wedding by choosing a thank-you card design from our simple wedding invitation template. Thank you cards are the best way to show your appreciation for your guests’ attendance. Your thank-you card can be edited and personalized using our online design tool. You may also upload images from your special day to further customize it.

Simple wedding invitation template (2023): 9

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